Library FAQ

General questions

No. The library computers are to be for academic purposed only. Students may not use the library computers for any type of social media, gaming, or watch You Tube videos for fun. 

Students must have a library pass from a teacher during class. Students without a pass will be sent back to class. 

The library is a place for reading, learning, creating, working collaboratively, and exploring. Students can check out books, conduct research, type and print class material, work together on projects, read magazines, and share ideas. Students can also participate in reading challenges, contests, and projects. 

There are many sections that make up the library including fiction, non fiction, biography, reference, videos, and magazines. Mrs. Bowers or an aide will be happy to help you locate anything that you may need. 

Fiction, Nonfiction, graphic novels, computers, videos, Cliff Notes, magazines, EBSCO databases and eBooks, Issues and Controversies online, Science Today online, collaboration, meeting space, and instructional assistance for students. 

Mrs. Bowers has access to the Duncan Public Library’s database as well. If there is a resource that you need or want please speak with Mrs. Bowers, and she will do her best to accomodate your needs,

Teachers may sign up to bring their entire class to the library at once or reserve the computers for class use. Teachers can email Mrs. Bowers their request.  

Use of cell phones in the library is at the discretion of the teacher or Mrs. Bowers. Cell phones may only be used for academic or club purposes when in the library. Phones must remain on silent. 

Students can print materials for class at the library for free. All non-academic printing is $0.05 per page. 

Choose the printer “Copier”

Lost or damaged materials are the responsibility of the patron. Library fees will be assessed by the Library Media Specialist. However, please talk with the Library Media Specialist in the event of a missing book.