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Basketball Band

The “Screamin’ Demons” is the name of our indoor pep band that provides entertainment for basketball games and other indoor sporting events. All members of the high school band are required to participate in a limited number of performances with the Screamin’ Demons during the winter and spring months. The band is divided into two groups with the goal being to have two smaller bands that are equal in size and musical ability. One will simply be called Group 1 and the other Group 2.

Attendance Policy 
Our general attendance policy is outlined in the DHS Band Guidelines Handbook.  However, with a band of this nature, some exceptions are necessary.

  • You are expected to attend all rehearsals and performances in their entireties that are scheduled.
  • If you have a legitimate conflict (family emergency, etc.) you may receive an excused absence if you:
    • Notify Mr. Haas well in advance (note the day of) of the evening in person and in writing.
    • Secure a student of equal musical ability to cover your part for you (approved by Mr. Haas)
    • You must still make up the absence by being at another groups event.
  • There are exceptions to every rule.  Because of this, every situation will be evaluated on an individual basis.  Please remember that only Mr. Haas approves those exceptions.
  • Students must report to the bandroom at the scheduled report time.  Students arriving late may lose free time privileges during the game.

Screamin’ Demon Uniform
Students will be expected to wear their Red Band Polo Shirt unless told otherwise by Mr. Haas.

General Info
Admission to all sporting events that you are playing in will be free.  You must be wearing the appropriate attire and have your instrument to expect to be allowed in free.  A break will be given if possible at some point during the night.  Be sure to bring extra spending money if you plan on purchasing a snack from the concession stand.

Bonus Points
Bonus points will be given to students who play at games they are not assigned to play.

Performance Schedule
December 5 (Tuesday) 5:45 pm Group 1
December 12 (Tuesday) 5:45 pm Group 2
January 9 (Tuesday) 5:45 pm Group 1
January 23 (Tuesday) 5:45 pm Group 2
February 9 (Friday) 5:45 pm Group 1
February 16 (Friday) 5:15 pm Group 2

This schedule is tentative.  Report times are subject to change.  Unless the event looks like it will go past 10:00p.m. on a school night, students will be dismissed after the event concludes.  If an emergency comes up, please contact Mr. Haas before the report time if at all possible.

Band Room:  255-0700 ext. 270

2017-2018 Screamin'
Demons Personnel
Braiden Gregory Harmony Vermillion
Autumn Dodson Kaylee Belveal
Briannah Turkett Cherokee Carroll
Vanessa Cassidy Mia Macias
Shelby Trostle Stormy Sanchez
Kacy Spagnola Caleb Pharaoh
Hannah Sprouse Tamera Scifres
Dazy Spagnola Savanna Edwards
Lauren Luciano Cody Malbrough
Leska Weightman Megan Haunpo
Nicole Pollock Sapphire Manson
Madison Edwards Mariah DeJesus
Brian McCoy MacKenzie Bertelson
Rikki Pool Erica Guerra
Danny Peercy Devin Moore
Haley Doyle Luis Flores
Daniel Avila Dominic Cantero
Emily Trostle Emilio Flores
Hope Sprouse Carlos Izaguirre
Cheslyn Hesbrook Rebecca Bailey
Ian McEntire Caleb Lopez
Lorelei Bridwell Bella Farrow
Andrew Funkhouser Eliu Lopez
Joe Gillette Ethan Myers
Caleb Wilson Zach Lilley
Dustin McDevitt Benjamin Neal
Darren Bailey Matthew Wagenseller
Amber Armstrong Bryan Huckabaa
Robert Kirby Brayden Swinhart
Weylin Watson Ivan Sepulveda
David Avila Rylee David
Brenna Eppison William Womack
Harold Moran Ashlynn Pharaoh
Tyhler Wilkinson Chasidy West
Mary Prather Michael Pollock
Mayson Thiebaud Harper Pitts
  Eddy Guerra

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