Concert Band

The DHS Concert Band is the flagship of the DHS Band program. We work hard to establish good fundamentals and tone throughout the year. The Concert Band has consistently received superior ratings in concert band performance and sight reading at OSSAA State contests. We program music that presents a variety of styles and genres for our students and audiences.  We present a Winter Holiday Concert in December, a Pre-Contest Concert in April and a Spring Concert in May, annually. All concerts are free and open to the public, beginning at 7:00 pm and are held at the DHS Auditorium.

Personnel (listed according to grade)

Destiny Baldwin - Flute Alex Cassidy - Trumpet
Hannah Eaglin - Flute Gilberto Diaz - Trumpet
Stephen Melander - Flute Natalie Myers - Trumpet
Rikki Pool - Flute Carlos Izaguire - Trumpet
Harmony Vermillion - Flute Hope Sprouse - Trumpet
Joe Gillette – Flute Rebecca Bailey – Trumpet
Bea Tezen – Flute Cheslyn Hesbrook – Trumpet
Vanessa Cassidy – Flute Caleb Lopez – Trumpet
Caitlynn Stephens – Flute Brandon Miller – Trumpet
Maria Diaz - Clarinet Ian McEntire – Trumpet
Caitlyn Huckabaa - Clarinet  
Jayden McCoy - Clarinet Ethan Myers - Horn
Caleb Pharaoh - Clarinet Dustin McDevitt – Trombone
Stormy Sanchez - Clarinet Benjamin Neal - Trombone
Kacy Spagnola - Clarinet Matthew Wagenseller - Trombone
Shelby Trostle - Clarinet Mora Bivens – Trombone
Savanna Edwards – Clarinet Melissa Denham – Trombone
Cody Malbrough – Clarinet Darren Bailey – Trombone
Tamera Scifres – Clarinet Diego Tezen – Trombone
Hope Sprouse – Clarinet  
Lauren Luciano – Clarinet Michael Paradiso - Baritone
Dazy Spagnola – Clarinet Robert Kirby – Baritone
  Brayden Swinhart – Baritone
Brenna Eppison - Bass Clarinet Weylin Watson – Baritone
Brian McCoy – Bass Clarinet  
Bryce Wilkinson - Alto Sax Rylee Walls - Tuba
Erica Guerra - Alto Sax David Avila - Tuba
Haley Doyle – Alto Sax Rylee David – Tuba
Luis Flores – Alto Sax Trey Finley – Tuba
Devin Moore – Alto Sax  
Braden Mowdy – Alto Sax Taylor Alexander - Percussion
Daniel Avila – Alto Sax Grant Braught - Percussion
Will Petrey – Tenor Sax Ashlynn Pharoah – Percussion
Danny Peercy - Tenor Sax Chasity West – Percussion
Dominic Cantero – Tenor Sax Will Case – Percussion
Caleb Wilson – Bari Sax Michael Pollock – Percussion
Tyler Wilkinson – Bari Sax Mary Prather – Percussion

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