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The DHS Marching Band has entertained fans of Duncan Football for years. They also have earned consistent recognition on the state level by making finals at Oklahoma Bandmasters Association Marching Championship competitions and OSSAA Regional Marching Contests over the past decades. Here you will find all the information about the DHS Marching Band.

ECU Marching Festival
ADA, OK   October 15, 2016


OBA Marching Championships
MUSTANG, OK   October 22, 2016


OSSAA Regional Marching Contest
YUKON, OK   October 25, 2016



Drum Majors Horns
Grant Braught Ethan Meyers
Devin Moore Joe Gillett
  Caleb Wilson
Destiny Baldwin Trombones
Hannah Eaglin Dustin McDevit
Stephen Melander Benjamin Neal
Harmony Vermillion Matthew Wagenseller
Bea Tezen Mora Bivens
Vanessa Cassidy Melisa Denham
  Darren Bailey
  Diego Tezen
Clarinets Baritones
Maria Diaz Michael Paradiso
Caitlyn Huckabaa Robert Kirby
Jayden. McCoy Brayden Swinhart
  Weylin Watson
Caleb Phaoroh  
Stormy Sanchez  
Kacy Spagnola Tubas
Savanna Edwards Rylee Walls
Cody Malbrough David Avila
Brian McCoy Trey Finley
Tamera Scifres  
 Dazy Spagnola Snare Drum / Tenor Drum
  Bryce Wilkinson
  Chasidy West
  Mary Prather
  Bass Drums
  Brenna Eppison
  Will Case
  Michael Pollock
  Tyler Wilkinson
Alto Saxophone  
Erica Guera  
Danny Peercy Front Ensemble
Riki Pool Taylor Alexander
Haley Doyle Will Petrey
Luis Flores Ashlynn Phaoroh
Braden Mowdy Eddie Guerra
Daniel Avila Mayson Thiebaud
Dominic Cantero Harper Pitts
Alex Cassidy Colorguard
Gilberto Diaz


Koriah Ayala
Natalie Myers Haley McCoy
Carlos Izaguirre Tamuriel Milton
Hope Sprouse Taylor Corp
Rebecca Bailey Shelby Trostle
 Caleb Lopez Daysia Blackwell
Brandon Miller Rylee David
Ian McEntire Cheslyn Hesbrook
  Caitlin Taylor
  Heather Fitzgerald
  Shaila Jones
  Lauren Luciano

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