Here you will find links to many helpful pieces of information. There are separate sections for materials that relate to practing, printable music, and other miscellaneous links.

Practice Goals
This sheet lists specific musical concepts that should be address through your individual practice.  Click HERE to print and view the guide.

Directed Listening
This sheet was designed to help you learn how to use your ears when practicing and performing.  Please click HERE to view it and print the guide out.

Coming Soon...

Free Staff Paper
Visit http://www.blanksheetmusic.net/ to print out free blank staff paper complete with clefs, time signatures, and key signatures.

Online Metronome
Try http://www.webmetronome.com/ for a metronome to practice with.  You will need to have speakers or headphones hooked up to your computer.  Search for "online metronome" in any search engine for more fun metronomes.

Rudiment Jukebox
Check out this fun like to hear all the important percussion rudiment and try your hand at combining them into some new grooves. www.freedrumlessons.com/articles/drum-rudiments.php

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