Concurrent Enrollment

To be eligible for concurrent enrollment students must meet one of the requirments below:

Juniors - 23 on ACT or a 3.5 and be in the top half of the class.

Seniors - 20 on the ACT or a 3.0 and be in the top half of the class.


  • Seniors will qualify for six hours of tuition waiver. They are still responsible for the fees, which are about $200 per class.
  • Juniors must pay tuition unless they have a 26 on the ACT. If they have a 26 on the ACT, they will also qualify for the tuition waiver.
  • Students must have a 19 on the ACT in the subject area they want to take. For example, students desiring to take College Algebra must have a 19 on the math test of the ACT.


Steps to apply:

1. See Mrs. Justus to get school approval letter.

2. Apply at http://cameron.edu and pay the $15 admissions fee.

3. Take transcript and approval letter to Cameron.

4. After you are admitted, you can call Cameron at 877-282-3626  to make an appointment to enroll.

5. Bring your schedule to Mrs. Justus once you have enrolled.


Cameron Concurrent Enrollment Link

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